Thursday, December 08, 2005

Surviving & Winning Hands

Tonight's poker game was pretty kewl. David, one of my co-workers from Dell, hosted the game at his home. It was incredibly nice to meet his wife and hang out in a social setting away from work. He and I wind up talking a lot at work, as I support one of the applications for which he is a lead developer.

I was astonished as 20 people showed up to play. With a $20 buy in, unlimited re-buys for the first 4 rounds, and a $20 add on, the prize pool grew to a respectable size.

I even busted a pair of Aces. When it counted. ALOT.

Of course, they were David's, which ALMOST made me feel a little bad, but he wound up placing 2nd in the tournament so the guilt was short-lived.

I wound up finishing 3rd, which is nice for my first poker game here in Austin. I won a few hundred, nothing to brag about, but enough to cover my travel for my XMAS trip back home. I'm definitely going to be back there for the next event.

The only disappointing thing about tonight was that
Survivor was pretty tame, especially considering the DRAMA of last week's episode. Poker games always leave me with an Adrenaline rush, so maybe that was why I couldn't get into the episode.

Cindy got her Aces busted in tonight's episode. Looks like the Car Curse is still alive and well. Oh well, I like the last episode the best anyways.