About Me

The "innovez!" blog is my professional chronicle of the intersections of innovations in technology, business, art, music, food and fashion.

I'm incredibly fortunate and quite thankful to be living in a place that truly is the physical spot where these trends are intersecting (my hometown of Lafayette, LA).

Lafayette is an amazing place. It's got a multi-gigabit Fiber Backbone connecting every home and business in the parish, although you might call them counties where you're from ;).

It also has an outstanding University, an energized young leadership base, and great ideas for it's future.

I'm also Principal at BSH Consulting, LLC. Contact me via LinkedIn if you're interested in working with us on a Client engagement.

This is a just a little "lagniappe" I've collected about me to serve as an introduction and backgrounder for you.  To learn more about BSH Consulting, LLC or Me just check out the blog posts and my links.

They should tell you more than anything else I can think of about what I fancy as important or interesting or worth typing random strings of text about.

As you might imagine, unless otherwise specifically noted none of the content you see on my blog is anything other than my own personal opinion and does not reflect the official position of my current employer or any other employer I have had in the past whom I may mention here.

Thank you for visiting!

Bryan "BJ" Hoffpauir, Jr.

PS - You can also find my personal Tumblr Blog at http://innovez.tumblr.com/