Thursday, February 09, 2006

Where You From? I'm from Cajun Country where there's Fiber To The Home in Lafayette, LA

For me, the answer to that question is the small Cajun Community of Lafayette, LA. I've spent most of my life there, and it is truly where I call home.

My small town was in the news today, covered by USA Today for it's struggle against BellSouth in providing Fiber Optic Internet to the parish. I'm so happy to see the direction that the community is heading in this area. It really shows a solid grasp of the long-term potential of these technologies and serves as a reminder that not all parts of the state are completely controlled by the "good old boys."

There's a great blog covering the blow by blow at Lafayette Pro-Fiber. You can obviously tell from the title of the site that it's going to lean in one direction, but I'm in favor of the project so go figure?!?!?

I just wanted to throw a little link lovin' and kudos to my friends and family back home who are fighting to give Lafayette a solid technological edge to compete economically.