Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Free Webinar & White Paper: IBM Social Analytics: The Science behind Social Media Marketing & Putting the Science into Social Business

As I have been working on Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing Strategies with clients I have noticed that as we begin to master measuring and managing the metrics that have been traditionally associated with Social Media Marketing (likes, reach, shares, etc...) they quickly discover that these metrics are disconnected from the way we manage the rest of our Marketing, particularly around tracking Sales Conversions and assigning cash values to metrics.

The truth is that even though Social Media offers marketers a wealth of data that almost no other marketing channel provides about our customers, the tools we have to analyze, report, and act on that data have not kept up with the pace of development of the various social media platforms.

IBM has recently released a fantastic set of resources that help to illuminate how you can use a scientific & quantifiable approach to tracking these Social Media Metrics.  They are based on IBM's new approach to Social Business & Analytics and outline steps you can begin working on today to develop and execute a Social Media Strategy that is based on HARD DATA instead of the guesswork we're so used to in this space.

  1. White Paper: IBM Social Analytics: The Science behind Social Media Marketing
  2. Webinar: Social Analytics - Putting the Science into Social Business
There's also a great write up from Mark Heid, Program Director, Social Analytics at IBM on their approach to this market need through their product portfolio over at the IBM Software Community Blog that provides some background on how they are bringing this capability to market.

You can also catch a really insightful conversation with IBM's Deepak Advani, VP of Products and Solutions on the importance of Social Analytics below.

BONUS: Slideshare Deck from the Webinar Presentation Social Analytics - Putting the Science into Social Business


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