Saturday, May 25, 2013

Follow Up to Paul Jay's Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) - Key to Great Service

Follow Up Q & A to Paul Jay's Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) as the Key to Great Service

A short while back I posted about the webinar hosted by the ICMI & Paul Jay on Knowledge Centered Support and it's role in delivering the best possible customer experience.  Whether you had a chance to participate in the live webinar or have watched the saved recording, you probably noticed that there were a TREMENDOUS number of really great questions posed by the participants.

Fortunately for all of us, Paul is a fantastic contributor to the KCS community and has taken time out of his busy schedule to respond to many of the questions that couldn't be covered during the initial webinar.

You can see the responses to the top 21 questions posed during the webinar over at the ICMI blog:

21 Questions: Knowledge Centered Support Webinar Wrap-Up

If you missed the original webinar, you can catch the vimeo recording below:

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