Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jazz Fest 2006

I was able to wrangle a day off of work to head down to New Orleans for the last weekend of the 2006 Jazz & Heritage Festival. Truth be told, I didn't manage to make it to the festival fairgrounds proper. I had a couple of friends in from D.C., along with some s, ightseeing to do.
Truth is, I've lived in New Orleans (while Mom was doing her masters work at Tulane) and I hadn't been back since Katrina hit. I left Louisiana to come back up to Austin the weekend before it struck, and I've kind of been intentionally avoiding returning for a visit.

So, I went down and had a blast. Of course, it was depressing to see the extent of the damage (even after all this time, until you've seen it with your own two eyes, it seems unreal), but all hope is not lost. I was able to visit with my brother and some friends, and we passed a good time, cher!

For all of you who revellers who were there with us in New Orleans, you can view the pics Samantha and I took from Dinner at my Flicker Site. Download and enjoy.

First, we went to dinner at an AMAZING restaurant - John Besh's latest, "August" The meal was amazing, and the atmosphere was divine. It was one of my best friends' (John Stubbs) birthday, and we celebrated together with his two brothers (Nathan and Drew) and a few other guests that had come down from DC. A couple of high notes - sitting next to us after his show at the Jazz Fest was Jimmy Buffett:

The picture's pretty dark, I know, but that's him. We were trying to be polite and not disturb Mr. Buffett by using our flashes while he was having dinner. That's John being non-chalant and trying to tell us that Jimmy Buffett was behind him. Heh.

Here's one of John and his lovely wife, Victoria (right), with myself and my better half, Samantha (left):

After much fun and rejoicing, we adjourned for the evening. Well, Samantha and I did, anyway. As I heard it, the rest of the birthday crewe went out and partied as one can only do in the Big Easy until like 7:30 AM. Ouch! Plus, brunch with the parents that morning? Nice. Here's the party after dinner:

Jimmy Buffett wasn't the only celebrity having dinner at August when we were there - Willie Garson (Stanford from Sex & The City) was also sampling some of the delicious morsels from Chef Besh's kitchen. I managed to take a couple of pictures through the window while out for a smoke break, but I (once again) didn't use a flash and the pics came out WAY too dark. But seriously, he was there.