Thursday, July 15, 2010

Robot Lovin' - Not Just For Geeks Anymore!

It's so great to be able to share this awesome tidbit about one of my good buddies, Nick DePalma.  He was featured (nice photo, Nick, btw) in a great article over at the New York Times, for the work he's been doing over at Georgia Tech in advanced machine learning and robotics.

Nick DePalma @stochasticmagic  from MIT Media Lab @medialab
The article covers an diverse range of fascinating research being done at several universities in the area of cognitive machine learning and human machine interaction.  As I'm also concentrating my Computer Science studies in the Cognitive Science group at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Computer Science Program, I loved the article, but I'd recommend it as a must-read for anyone interested in how we'll be interacting with intelligent machines in the not-so-distant future.