Thursday, September 13, 2012

50% Off Stylish Tees and Dress Shirts from Ministry of Supply - It's from space, yes outer space.

Gentlemen, there are an unlimited number of deals available at $40 for $80 over at The Daily Hookup. I suggest you make haste to scoop a few up while the deal is still open - your closet will be glad you took advantage of this offer.Ladies, getting your man one of these may be one of the only times he EVER gets excited about you buying him clothes ;)

50% Off High-Tech and Stylish Tees and Dress Shirts
Check it out before the offer expires!  More details and sweet product videos after the jump...
Ministry of Supply is not only cranking out top-notch menswear, they're clearly having fun doing it.  They also seem to be BLOWING away Kickstarter Fundraising Records for the fashion category

Just in case you're the kind of fashionista that needs awesome videos to make up your purchasing decisions, we have that covered, too.