Thursday, September 20, 2012

the705 - Or How to Pass A Good Time While Getting Engaged in Your Community and Your Professional Development

So we all know it's not easy being  the "new kid."  When Sam and I moved back to Lafayette after spending almost 5 years in Austin, one of my concerns was getting back into the lIocal community while balancing school, an impending Marriage, and both of us taking on new jobs.

Whew, just thinking about those first few months makes me exhausted ;)

the705 Young Leaders for a Better Acadiana

We were incredibly fortunate to discover the705 - Young Leaders for a Better Acadiana.  The mission of the705 "focuses on connecting, engaging and leading. Everything that we do as an organization must contain at least one of these components, and in fact, most events encompass all simultaneously."  As you might expect, they have LinkedIn and Facebook pages where you can learn more about them, their Board, and the membership.

It was truly refreshing to discover how welcoming the membership and Board were ...

to newcomers and the sincere effort everyone put into making the organization more than just a networking group.  Over the last few years, we've been able to stay connected with our Local and State Leadership on issues affecting the community, participate in Mentoring Programs where we've spent time learning from local civic and business leaders like Clay Allen, and learned how to effectively volunteer and serve on the boards of non-profit organizations in our community.

And this is on top of the many social mixers and functions they offer as well.  I know, not bad for $150 a year, right?

The most amazing thing about the705 is the membership & the Board, though.  Sam and I were welcomed with open arms by everyone we met and I can't describe how unique it felt to be included in an organization that is genuinely committed to helping develop stronger young leaders and not just helping them network over dinner and drinks.  Not that there's anything wrong with that ;)

If you're not participating in the705, I can say with certainty you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to grow as a professional and get engaged in our community.  Thursday's meeting on September 20 2012 will feature Louis Perrett, the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court.  Come and join us!