Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun Experiments since Google Added Bacon Search!!!


Updated on 03/07/2012 after Sam and I did an experiment where I asked her to name the most random and odd Actors she could think of in 30 seconds....the results will ASTOUND you, I swear!


If you haven't found the "front page of the internet" (yet), you may not be as familiar with the term "Bacon Search" as others are...

Essentially, it describes the ability to use a search engine to automatically calculate the degrees of separation between any Actor and Kevin Bacon.

Awesome Sauce, I know  :)

Well, Google's gone ahead and implemented it - check it out now!

To use it, just try a search something like this:

Bacon Search on Google for Louis CK
Searching Google for: Bacon number Louis CK 

And you'll find out that Louis CK has only 2 degrees of separation from Kevin and you'll marvel at the wonders of modern computing technology.

Other Search Options:

On behalf of everyone on the Internet who will waste at least an hour of their life today on this, thank you, Google!