Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wendy Rodrigue & George Rodrigue Share California Adventures with Blue Dog

Image Courtesy - Wendy Rodrigue's Blog
I wrote recently about a fellow Blogger Wendy Rodrigue's post The Road: Wendy Rodrigue & George Rodrigue from Musings of an Artist's Wife.  I always love reading Wendy's blog - it's like listening to one of your favorite Artists and his Muse communicate openly through this channel that didn't exist when Picasso was around.

It's exciting :)

That post was a prelude as they began their trip across country for a sojourn out to their Carmel, California beach house.  Not only is the prose delightful (thank you Wendy), but the Candids they get of George in the zone are fantastic.

The first is the sequel to her previous post (a' la The Road Part 2): America, Unexpected.

The second post she shared
Looking for a Beach House, is the source of the picture to the left.  I also managed to snag great picture of Jacques Rodrigue,  Mallory Page Chastant, Wendy Rodrigue, and George Rodrigue clearly having a great time shown below.


From the post:
"He also spoke of his relief over his unexpected return to health, found just in time as his son Jacques, Director of the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts, announces his engagement to New Orleans artist Mallory Page Chastant"

Image Courtesy - Wendy Rodrigue's Blog