Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Barton Creek Adventure

This is an interesting post - I get to photoblog and try out some technology at the same time!

I went mountain bike riding a few weeks ago with my friend Kevin over at Barton Creek. There are some great photos of the area on the City of Austin's website, but the Austin Chronicle also has a great guide. The complex has a private trail that takes you down to the creek trails without having to deal with the throngs of people and traffic near Mopac, which is nice.

At any rate, it was an amazing experience. It was, of course, challenging. I am not an advanced rider by anyone's stretch of the imagination, and this was 'technically challenging,' as Kevin put it. I got to do this one climb that was....amazing.

And, instead of posting photos on the blog directly, I've created an interactive map of the ride using the Google Maps. It's got the important points setup, and when you click on them, you'll be able to see the photos I snapped on the trip:

You can view the full screen version of my map if you'd like to play around a bit more.

So I was able to embed that directly in this blog post by using a free service called Community Walk. They make it REALLY easy to do this - much more so than coding it all directly using the Google Map API. I'll tackle that task in another post...