Thursday, March 07, 2013

Salesforce Tip - AT&T Toolkit for / Apex

UPDATE 04-16-2013 :
  1. You can watch the Mobile Code Talk Google Hangout on Salesforce Platform for Mobile Services with Sandeep Bhanot, Dave Carroll, and more right now!
  2. You can also see the latest updates on how turbo-charges Mobile Developer offerings with Salesforce Platform for Mobile Services.

Recently, AT&T partnered with to release the AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce® Platform.  It's a fantastic collection of resources designed to make it easy for developers leveraging's platform and Apex Programming Language to develop apps that work with both Smart & Feature phones on the AT&T Network.

"The toolkit provides strongly-typed Apex wrappers for RESTful AT&T APIs like speech-to-text, SMS, location, payment and more." - Sandeep Bhanot

The video below from Sandheep Bhanot & Giridhar Bhaskara is a great Introduction to the AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform:

You can learn a lot more about the release from the following resources: