Saturday, December 21, 2013

Join me for a free webinar on making the most out of Git in your development workflow!

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UPDATE 1/23/2014: Since the webinar has already come and gone, I've got the entire session's YouTube video embedded below!

I've been using Mercurial for a few years now, but have only recently tackled a serious software project using Git as my primary distributed software source control system.

The transition was easier than I thought it might be, but even after using it day in and day out for the last few months, I find every now and again I get tripped up on a command or two (or find myself Googling for Stack Overflow tips when I get stuck ;)

Fortunately for all of us, Atlassian (makers of BitBucket and SourceTree, two tools I use every single day of my professional life) is hosting a free webinar on Git best practices. Best of all, it's going to use REAL CODE EXAMPLES!

That's right, you'll be learning as Nicola Paolucci Developer Advocate @ Atlassian works a real bug report - from branch creation to code review to final merge!

I've always found "diving in" and getting my hands dirty working a real problem to be the best way to learn and you'll get a chance to check out an expert at work for free during this webinar :)  Nicola will also be available to answer any questions you may come up with during the presentation, so it looks to be a great opportunity to expand your understanding of Git and help you integrate it into your daily development workflow.

You can register for the free webinar online - what are you waiting for?

Webinar Highlights:
  • How to kick off development in a feature branch.
  • What rebase is, and how and when to perform it as local cleanup.
  • How to have colleagues to review your work via a pull request.
  • How to work through feedback on a pull request.
  • When and how to merge your work back to the development main line.
  • Clean up considerations after the work is complete.
If you missed the live webinar, have no fear! Atlassian has posted the complete session on their YouTube Channel, and I've embedded the presentation below:

You can also check out the video of his last tutorial - Git Ready Workflows from YouTube below: