Sunday, May 04, 2014

Radio Radio & Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band @ Festival Internationale de Louisiane

Image Courtesy of Festival International de Louisiane
We recently celebrated the 2014 Festival International de Louisiane here in Lafayette, LA - truly one of my favorite reasons to be back living in Cajun Country.  If you weren't able to "come festival with us" this year, you missed out on an amazing celebration of french music, food, and culture - but don't worry you can come pass a good time with us next year when we do it all again!

I was only able to catch a few shows this year, but two of my favorite bands in the world happened to be playing and delivered amazing performances. In honor of both my own "patrimoine français" & this year's lineup, here's a few of my take-aways "en francsais," as Madame Price would remind me to say ;)

Première ca c'est la confiture musicale! J'aime Radio Radio, vous devez vérifier cela maintenant!

Merci beaucoup, Radio Radio, pour livrer une autre performance incroyable ici en pays cajun. Nous vous aimons et voulons que vous revenez de nombreuses fois NOMBREUX!

When I was a younger lad I got the opportunity to work with Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band to record their album, "It's Party Time" and develop an accompanying interactive CD-ROM.

During those sessions I was INCREDIBLY fortunate to be able to get to know Roy, Jr. (or as everyone calls him these days, "Chubby Carrier" and the talented team of Cajun Musicians AKA the Bayou Swamp Band.

Their professionalism and enthusiasm impresses me to this day and I can sincerely say there's no other musical act that I've ever had a chance to work with that represents everything I've ever wanted the world to know about Cajun Music.

Alors, voici Chubby Carrier et le marais bande Bayou pour donner une chance d'écouter le marais-Funk du pays cajun le monde. Je sais que si je dois répondre, I'l toujours dire "J'ai la sauce chaude, bébé!"