Friday, April 10, 2015

Increase Conversions and Reduce Cart Abandonment by moving to Magento Cloud Hosting (Webinar)

Key business drivers for moving to cloud-based Magento Hosting

The Magento Commerce team recently hosted a webinar discussing the key business drivers for moving to cloud-based hosting for your site.

The short version is that EVERY SINGLE SECOND of page load time costs your site money.  The presentation started with a great overview of exactly how:
  • You can increase conversions (read Sales) by 7% for every 1 second you reduce your site's latency
  • Lowering load times by 3 seconds results in 40% fewer carts being abandoned before checkout completion.
  • Maintaining the much sought-after 5 9's (99.999%) of availability will reduce customer churn by roughly 28%
  • Migrating to cloud hosting can save your IT budget an average of 15% vs. traditional server-based hosting
I found the webinar well produced and complete with insightful information and anecdotes to help make the business case for moving to a cloud hosting system for your e-commerce store.  Although it was targeted towards Magento, the broader themes are applicable to every e-commerce platform.

The full webinar is embedded as a Vimeo below, but you can find it, along with a lot of other great webinar content on the Magento Commerce Webinar Portal.